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Miscellaneous Testimonials

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Feel stronger than ever

There's an incredible change to the way I feel and my whole body

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I feel terrific, I feel wonderful

My posture's better and it's easier to walk

I have arthritis and I can garden now

He's helped my handball game and I can play four times a week

The consistency of coming has kept me walking

Honestly, I never thought your "adjusting" my knee(s) would provide so much almost-instant relief, and without having to pop pills. Finding you and your office staff was a God send! Thanks, Dr. Dees!!

San Ramon Chiropractor
Janice B

I've been in the insurance industry for the last 18 years and was never fond of Chiropractic treatment! Until I suffered my industrial injury and I finally took the advice of my spouse to consult with Dr. Dees and his staff for my neck and headache issues. After my first evaluation, I was immediately impressed with his knowledge and expertise. I cannot begin to tell you how dramatically it has impacted me. I was able to see the physical change in my cervical area and headaches immediately.

I met with Dr. Dees three months after to review my follow up x-rays; I witnessed a vast improvement from my initial visit but most importantly I felt so good. Of course I did not want to admit to Dr. Dees that I was wrong about Chiropractor's but YES I am now a true believer in Chiropractic treatment under the direction of Dr. Dees and his staff (Thank You).

Chiropractors San Ramon CA

I have been a patient of Chiropractic Care for several years. When I moved to the East Bay Area, I needed to find a new Chiropractor. I got online and found the website for Canyon Chiropractic. I really liked what I found! First and foremost, their focus is clearly on "wellness." There is a wealth of information on nutrition, exercise, healthy thinking as well as on Chiropractic care.

When I arrived for my first appointment, I felt most welcome! Dr. Dees and his staff are all very kind, knowledgeable and professional. I've been seeing Dr. Dees for a while now and my entire wellness has improved dramatically. Through Chiropractic care, exercise, good vitamins and referrals to other health care practitioners, I feel like I am managing wellness, not illness.

Thanks to all of you at Canyon Chiropractic!

Chiropractors San Ramon CA
Lorelei P

As some people may have been, I was very skeptical about seeing a chiropractor because I didn't understand it. I was not brought here because of a car accident or work injury. It was a mess of subtle issues that I thought were part of life. But when I realized that frequent use of antibiotics and traditional doctor had me on penicillin for my tonsillitis , Advil for my shoulder , recommended surgery to remove my tonsils, pills for my infertility and countless other "cover-ups" for my issues over the years. I was also told hat all of these issues were "normal." Keep in mind that I am only 28 years old.

What got me here:

I started looking into a more holistic way. I started eating organic foods and doing types of cleansings and actually felt better but kept hearing about chiropractors and how great they are (from people more into the natural end of the health/medical spectrum.) When my sister went to the chiropractor for a work related injury I went with her and found that I had a mess of problems in my X-Rays too!

The results:

Because of those X-Rays, I stated going to Dr. Dees to take care of the revealed neck issues abut also noticed that after a few visits, my hip and shoulder no longer hurt and I had energy like I've never had before! I also haven't had strept throat for almost a year. After a while of being a patient, I asked Dr. Dees which areas of my spine were usually out (without telling him why I was asking.) I went home and looked at the chart of what nerves connect to what areas of my spine that he said usually go out of place the most. It was the areas that control my tonsils and female organs that always needed adjusting! That explained the issues I had in the past. It now makes complete sense to me that your spine controls every part of your body. That is why it is also such a fragile area that you cannot break or damage without major consequences.

Your spine is like your teeth and as you know, braces can't be on for just one or two days, it takes time and commitment but it will all be worth it and you too should soon notice a difference after just a few visits with Dr. Dees.

Chiropractic care was not only a cure for me but is also a preventative way of life and against thousands of problems that I could have throughout life. I have no more issues with illness, pain, tiredness, etc. But best of all…I am pregnant after years of trying!

Thank you to Dr. Dees and the whole Canyon Chiropractic Team!

Chiropractors San Ramon CA

Nothing has been more frightening than my experience with HIV. I was infected with the virus in May of 1998. I went through 5 years awaiting my death. Through profound emotional work I was awakened to the fact that the past is an illusion and the future is another illusion. I started living in the moment.

My ultimate struggle was with my physical pain. Every bone in my body hurt. I spent most of my days sick with allergies, headaches, back pain and other ailments. One early evening I was in bed watching Television. I clicked the remote on the local channel and there was Dr. Dees being interviewed. I was in awe with what Dr. Dees was saying. His knowledge about the human body and the Master nervous system inspired me to call his office and set an appointment. I wanted the pain to stop and I wanted a miracle.

It has been almost a year that I have been going to Dr. Dees. His work is nothing short of a miracle. Ever since my first adjustment I started feeling better. The more adjustments, the better I felt.

A few weeks ago I went to have a check-up with my physician regarding the condition of my HIV status. The doctor looked at my numbers, T-cells, Viral Load, Ratio and so on. He said, "your numbers have gotten a lot better in the past year. I don't know why." "I know why," I said. "It is all because of my chiropractor, Dr. Dees. His adjustments have changed my life."

Dr. Dees, Debbie, Sue ... thank you for your support, care, and love.

Chiropractors San Ramon CA

My initial experience with Chiropractic was one due to desperation-I was in terrible pain, had difficulty walking and was certain surgery was in my future. My friend convinced me to try chiropractic medicine, since as she said, you can always have the surgery, but at least TRY to prevent that! I was afraid initially since I had heard bad stories from others, but my experience was great. I stopped going to my chiropractor because I changed jobs and was too far away to keep going to that office, plus I figured I was "cured" since the pain was gone and I was walking so much better. Several months into the new job I started to feel terrible, and went to my general practitioner regarding agonizing back pain. I could barely get out of bed and I was taking Motrin by the handful, like M&Ms! My Dr. gave me 3 options: lots of steroids (been there, no thanks) physical therapy (not very helpful last time I went) or chiropractic. When I chose the latter and asked if he knew a really GOOD chiropractor, without hesitation he said Dr. Dees! So I checked out his website. One thing I was very impressed with was his videos of how to do exercises. Every time I had been to a physical therapist, they draw a little stick figure of what to do, and I could never remember the exact movement. But Dr. Dees had actual videos showing how to move and I just loved that. The office staff is delightful to work with and my first visit involved a very detailed health history and x-rays, followed up with a consultation, which I did not have with my first chiropractic experience. Dr. Dees approach takes commitment on both his and the patient's part, and I greatly applaud the fact that he refuses to accept what a penny pinching insurance company says the treatment plan should be and instead explains to the patient what he believes it should be. It may seem like a lot at first, but I recommend to absolutely trust him. Not only did my excruciating back pain go away, but another amazing thing happened. I have multiple sclerosis, and was having such severe fatigue that I was considering going out on disability from work. I was falling asleep at my desk and stumbling at home in the evening due to exhaustion. I just assumed it was part of my disease and not much could be done. But after my start with treatments with Dr. Dees, my exhaustion has greatly diminished, much to my amazement. I never expected any improvement in this part of my life, but I have come to appreciate the profound affect adjustments can have on your total health. To be able to continue working without problems, to be able to garden and clean house without collapsing in agonizing pain is like a miracle to me. I am still amazed after working hard around the house or a grueling airline trip; I now have absolutely no pain at all, compared to literally collapsing prior to my treatments with Dr. Dees. My adjustments are now a critical component of my health care that I understand are a continuing part of my life, much like dental cleanings and routine checkups, except the results are so much more astounding. I feel that everyone in the office truly cares about your well being in all aspects of your life. I love how the staff asked about my family and cares about the routine aspects of my life. One day I was a bit down regarding my work and although I did not say anything, Dr. Dees notice that I was quiet and gave me a big hug! How many doctors have you been to that treat the whole patient and not just a symptom? Dr. Dees is truly your partner in total health!

Chiropractors San Ramon CA
Judy N

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